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Martin Purvis
Suite 8, Brewmaster House, The Maltings,
St Albans,
Herts, AL1 3HT
United Kingdom
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Having a business growth coach and mentor is no longer a luxury but a necessity. Expanding businesses bring with them a range of challenges. The abilities that helped you launch your business are not the same as those you need to help it grow. As a business grows, different challenges and opportunities demand different solutions – what worked a year ago might now be not the best approach. Your strategy needs to evolve to support the expansion.

WHAT I DO: I help business owners grow their business and profits with proven strategies that support their long-term goals. My job is to be an expert in the areas of sales, marketing, finance, growth, business systemisation and management, and team building. Your job is to be an expert in your own business. Working together we can apply our combined expertise to deliver sustainable profit and growth potential.

WHO I WORK WITH: I coach business owners in the Hertfordshire area – St Albans, Hemel, Watford, Luton, Stevenage, Hatfield, Welwyn. I provide individual or group mentoring sessions, as well as staff training in areas such as team-building, problem solving, managing change, sales, customer services, and more.

HOW I DO IT: We start with an evaluation of your business – what’s working & what isn’t. From there, we establish your GOALS and develop a customised coaching programme and action plan for short & long term achievement. My coaching programme is entirely tailored to each business and personal preferences – you can choose from one-to-one coaching or group coaching.

WHAT MAKES ME DIFFERENT: My 27+ years of business expertise and a true commitment to creating economic growth, employment, wealth and happiness. I’m a people person. No aggressive sales pitches, spam, or unsubstantiated claims.

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Read my recommendations here

NEXT STEPS: Drop me an email, contact me via LinkedIn or call me on +44 (0)7764 579 101 – and I’m happy to schedule an evaluation of your business needs.

OTHER BITS ABOUT ME: I’m an FA Level 1 qualified coach of U11 football team working with the Harpenden Colts. 
I am a Dragon in the St Albans Dragon’s Apprentice Challenge. I enjoy writing about business.

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